Julian Godfrey

Not only is Julian one of the country’s top engine builders he also is a highly accomplished Driver. Starting in Motocross it was clear too see that Julian had a natural balance and ability and soon starting his winning ways .After playing with Go Carts as that’s all the time it would allow, Julian finally tried out Rallycross in a hired Peugeot 205 owned by the late Terry Briggs .

In his second season Julian Built his own 205 and was subject to many Fia strip downs of the engine as many thought he was cheating due to his unbelievable pace. Although to win the championship Julian would have to wait until 2006 with a 2nd place in 2007 and winner again in 2008.

Meanwhile the decision had been made to progress to the Super Modified Class with a Ford Fiesta that could also work as a 1600cc for the Div 1a class in Europe. So for the 2009 championship Julian campaigned with the little fiesta against much powerful machinery and this resulted in an overall 2nd place .However in 2010 there was no catching him and 1st in the super Modified class was an overdue conclusion .

At the end of the 2010 Julian was given the opportunity by Pat Doran to use his Ford Fiesta supercar for the upcoming 2011 season. Knowing that Julian had often blamed the drivers for poor performance it was now time to “put your arse in the seat and see what you can do?” By the end of 2011 Pat may have regretted the Fiesta loan, by now the car was faster and more reliable than ever and although we had a shaky start Julian was crowned the 2011 supercar British Champion.

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Thanks To Spec-R for their continued support keeping things cool under pressure!

The beginning of Julian Godfrey’s racing career began in 2002 where he was 5th in the Stock Hatch class and each year improved his performance  as shown in the following results:

2003 – 3rd in Stock Hatch Class

2004 – 2nd in Stock Hatch Class

2005 – 2nd in Stock Hatch Class

2006 – 1st in Stock Hatch Class

2007 – 2nd in Stock Hatch Class

2008 – 1st in Stock Hatch Class

2009 – Progressing to Super Modified Class was 2nd

2010 – 1st in Super Modified Class

In 2011 he upgraded to the top performing Super Car Class of racing and won the championship.

This year 2012 on 27 October having won the last round of the Supercar British Championship and after amassing points during the year’s racing with a further 2 first place wins, 1 second place and 1 third place made Julian Godfrey the British Champion in the Supercar Class for the second time.

The crowning achievement of 2012 was on the following day 28 October Julian Godfrey also won the Rallycross Grand Prix adding his name to the elite list of former rallycross drivers!

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[note color=”#eeeeee”]Proposed Packages for Sponsorship[/note]

Our Present Rallycross Operating Costs per Round

–      Entrance fee £235

–      Preparation of car (50 h) £2790

–      Spare parts  £1000

–      Fuel for race car £250

–      Fuel for truck £350

–      Tyres £800

–      Mechanics’ services while racing £1200

–      Food and drink for team £100


Total per round: £6725


As there are 7 rounds per season this amounts to a total of £47,075



[note color=”#eeeeee”]Proposed Sponsorship Packages to Help Meet these Expenses[/note]


A          Platinum package at £30,000

– this consists of sponsors’ banners at each racing venue,

– banners and/or hotlink of sponsors website on Julian Godfrey Engineering company’s website,

– sponsors logo on driver and team mechanic’s clothing and race car,

– to attend public events with your representative,

– to wear the sponsor’s logo at press events,

– sponsors to display their printed promotional materials at each event (leaflets, brochures, stickers, free samples, etc.)

 B        Golden package at £18,000,

– logo on Julian Godfrey Engineering company’s website (– target visitors per month),

– sponsor’s logo on driver and team mechanic’s  clothing and race car,

– to wear the sponsor’s logo at press events,

– sponsor’s to display their printed promotional materials at each event (leaflets, brochures, stickers, free samples etc.).

  C        Bronze package is £10,000, include:

– logo on Julian Godfrey Engineering company’s website,

– logo on driver and team mechanic’s  clothing and race car

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[note color=”#eeeeee”]Benefits from the Proposed Sponsorship Packages[/note]

–      Your logo would be seen at venues of up to 35,000 potential spectators per season;

–      Unlimited access to potential spectators at events to spreading promotional materials etc.

–      Each round is shown on Motors TV channel – so you will be getting free advertising on TV without extra payment;

–      And the biggest advantage the high loyalty of Julian Godfrey’s racing fans will be automatically spreading to your product.

–      We can also offer by special negotiation as extras, participation by Julian Godfrey in any special promotional occasions – photo sessions, autograph sessions, product samplings etc.


 Thank you for your attention in reading our proposals and we respectfully hope that your company will consider taking up one of our sponsorship packages. Any points to be clarified please contact Julian Godfrey




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