2013 YB Engine

Using a carefully selected Block, we modify a ‘200’ casting to incorporate JGE wet liner conversion & 10 long studs made to our own design. The block is then fitted with our one piece billet sump which gives it the structural strength needed for 700ft/lbs of torque it will produce.  Oil is filtered remotely and the block is modified to accommodate – 10 unions.

All internal components are manufactured in the UK to JGE specification bore and stroke has been altered to give a CC of 2046. JGE are confident that all parts are the highest possible quality due to extensive development work on our SuperFlow 902 Dynamometer, and also in Top Drivers cars such as SVERRE ISACHSEN.

The cylinder head is a new item developed by Smith & Jones to our specification and cast in the UK to the highest standards .

This is cnc ported & machined with larger valves and modified for  high lift camshafts.  Double valve springs & solid lifters are used to allow for the extra Rpm . The cnc ports and chambers make this the perfect choice as we know each head is exactly the same spec. Compression ratio is raised to 9:1  making the most of today`s FIA fuels.

Inlet manifolds are long inlet tract multi butterfly type chosen for their high response capabilities.

Exhaust manifolds are tubular and made with Inconel with a Inconel wastegate to keep weight as low as possible. Turbo`s are from Comp Turbo  whom we work very closely with to gain the most power and response  using ceramic bearings & Inconel shafts and billet compressor wheels. These are fitted with a 45mm restrictor to FIA spec and a PRP or speed sensor to ensure reliability .

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