Duratec Engine

JGE Duratec Engine

Our 2lt Touring car class engine has been used with great success by many Erc drivers . Producing 290bhp and 180ft/lbs of torque it has twice won the ERC after only 3 seasons of use . We use Cnc ported heads with larger valves and our own designed camshafts .Carefully selected blocks are used and honed to comply with FIA regulations with Arrows crankshafts taking care of the bottom end . £16,000 + vat

For the very best in torque and response we recommend our 2013 spec engines . These feature a new Evo style cylinder head and titanium conrods . The whole block is Lightened to remove any excess weight along with the cylinder head and front cover . Titanium fasteners’ are used where ever possible and a Inconel exhaust system is hand made by GD Exhausts . These will produce 300bhp and 200ft/lbs of torque . POA

All engines will be controlled by Pectel SQ6 engine management carefully mapped by Julian on our Superflow Dynomometer …

We also offer a 1600cc Div 1a engine built with the same precise approach . This has been used by Julian in his own car and has proven to be competitive at the highest level. Call for more info !


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