We have built many BD series of engines over the years most of which have been for RS200 competition cars . We can offer any state of tune for Road-Rally-RallyX-Hillclimb.

Our last BDTE project was for the 2012 Pikes Peak International Hillclimb where the engine produced arguably too much power @878bhp at sea level which would equate to 550 bhp at the summit .

Starting with Pat Dorans Rallycross engine we have converted it to use a modern style piston as in our yb engines and using a multi butterfly inlet system to improve response while not compromising high end horsepower . The inlet manifold features the original magnesium plenum cover to keep some originality in the build . The Engine management has been upgraded to use Pectel SQ6 and turbochargers directly from Garrett Motorsport in the USA .

We keep good stocks of Rs 200 engine components please call or visit our online shop .

For many years we have stocked a very good selection of standard build parts for the RS200. These were sourced indirectly from Ford at Boreham and have been used to build and maintain a number of cars.

Many of the parts were still in their original packaging and we had only opened the boxes to see what they contained and resealed the boxes.

Now sorted and organised we are very close to producing a downloadable PDF using the original Ford part numbers either 85pb or 909.

We intend on expanding the range of motorsport only parts to cater for the growing number of RS200’s being used for Historic events.

If you are interested in any parts please contact us on

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