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Building bespoke racing engines is not easy if you have to rely on other companies to make your parts. That’s why we have invested in CAD CAM software and CNC Milling and Turning machines.
After careful consideration we chose XYZ as the market leader for one off or prototype work to guide us. It’s unlikely we will ever produce high volume parts in our line of business, but we need the same quality of production as bigger companies with the flexibility to make small batches of parts to a very high standard.

Since we got the Mill we have be able to carry out many of the day to day tasks, such as machining blocks for wet liners which used to take a full week on a manual mill, and machining of combustion chambers which is incredibly tricky by hand.

When we took on the Citroen Rallycross engine work for the Doran team we used the Mill to reshape the exterior of the cylinder head removing all the excess material in an effort to save as much weight as possible. The same process is used for the cam carriers and new cam covers were made to suit.


So from drawings like this:


We make parts like these:


We can offer our customers a bespoke design to manufacture process all performed on site at JGE.

A selection of parts we make is listed below – all of which are available in our shop. If you have something broken, missing or needing a redesign, our CNC team will be happy to help even if it’s just a single part, please call or e mail with your queries.


Citroen CAD Drawings
Duratec CAD Drawings
RS200 CAD Drawings
YB CAD Drawings

Cnc Parts and services

Rallycross Supercar Turbo Restrictor

Made and developed by us for our range of turbos . Developed on our dyno to give the most Bhp and torque whilst complying with Fia rules .Can be used with Garrett, CT, or Turbonetics Turbos .


Fitting service available – call for prices….

WRC Billet Gravel Upright .

Direct replacement for the Original Ford Escort WRC Gravel upright . Lighter and stronger than the .cast aluminium type, providing a cost effective solution for Rallycross cars . Made from 7075 aircraft spec material and available with lowered bottom mounts to correct roll centres when used as a tarmac upright .


Wheel Bearing to suit £79.09

Bearing Retainer coming soon !

YB Cosworth Rallycross Alternator Bracket

Made from 6082 aircraft aluminium, this bracket moves the alternator forward and down to allow clearance from the turbo. Essential when using a tubular exhaust manifold .

Suits Nippon Denso large bodied Alternators like Brise –Tag or McClaren but can be used with Jaguar 140 amp units available in our shop .

Comes with adjuster strap and fixtures .

Note- Requires the use of a WRC style pulleys .


YB Cosworth crank trigger

YB Cosworth crank trigger bracket similar to WRC style , uses original Marelli sensor . £171.60

Coming soon YB CNC Combustion Chambers plus lots more !!




RS200 Transfer Box Casing

Developed for Pikes Peak where weight saving is all important , these casings offer a significant improvement over the original cast iron item . Over 3 kgs lighter and machined from billet 7075 aluminium anodised blue . Gear sets can be supplied in various ratios in straight cut or helical cut matched pairs , please call with your requirements .

Casings front +rear £900

Bearing and seal kit £203.94

Pair of drop gears in different ratios   £975.00

RS 200 EVO Bellhousing

Aluminium Billet Bellhousing made to replace the ageing original items . Originally designed for our Pikes Peak car these are now in stock and ready for dispatch . Used with a centre push clutch release bearing it will allow the use of a triple plate carbon clutch assembly.

Bellhousing and Bearing Carrier £3780

AP Release Bearing £276.40

Coming soon Autoverdi Oil Pump Conversion –High Speed Prop solution -6 speed sequential transmission – billet gearbox sections

Billet Cradle Sumps

We can now offer Billet Sumps for Cosworth YB, Citroen DS3, Mitsubishi E5-9

These replace standard dry sump pans and substantially improve the integrity of the engine block . These have been developed for use with High Torque low RPM Rallycross engines .To prevent block cracking and distortion which causes premature failure of the internal components  . Proven in the ERC by Sverre Isachsen winning 2009-2010-2011 supercar category we now recommend these for all our turbo engines.

Ford YB Billet Sump Kit (see frances ) To include machining to customers block –ARP Stud Kit –M6 set screws –front –rear sump seals – wurth orange flange sealant 20grm £5013.30

Citroen Billet Sump  Kit (see frances ) To include  machining to customers block-ARP Stud Kits – M7 set screws –Wurth orange flange sealant 20grms £4998.18

Mitsubishi Billet Sump Kit. To include machining to customers block- ARP Stud Kit-M6 set screws –Wurth orange flange sealant 20grms £3852.18

If you have a different engine that you wish to use please call our cnc department or e mail

Citroen RX billet parts

Cambelt stone guard

Cam covers

Xsara or WRC style cam covers – POA

Power Steering Pump Adaptor

Billet Aluminium Bracket to mount the power steering pump directly onto the camshaft . Requires some machining to the cylinder head and use of our Volvo style compact power steering pump – POA

Pump available in our shop – POA

Turbo crane mounting plate – POA

Bolts to the rear of the cylinder head to provide support for the turbo and manifold . POA

Cylinder head lightening service

Xsara 16V heads can be machined by cnc to Rallycross spec including port shaping and combustion chamber shaping and removal of excess materials . With matching covers that can be engraved with your company logo – POA


Cylinder head cam clearance

Machining service to the original Ford cylinder head to provide adequate clearances for the camshaft lobes when using high lift camshafts – POA

Ladder main lightening service

Quick and easy way to save weight on all duratec engines without compromising reliability


Cylinder Head Lightening Service

Removal of excess material to lighten the cylinder head for race use . £180

Block Breather Plate

Billet Aluminium plate to close off the original breather on the side of the block – POA

Titan Oil Pump Bracket

Moves the oil pump upwards to gain steering column clearance for lhd cars . Made from billet aluminium and retains original belt length – POA

Oil Take Off Plate

Oil take off plate fits in the original oil filter housing position . Used where access is limited and a remote oil filter housing is used . ½ bsp threads – POA

Coming soon for the Duratec Engine

Fully lightened Duratec block for ultimate in weight saving !

Billet Alloy Sump Pan !

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