Dyno Room

[note color=”#eeeeee”]Julian Godfreys Engineering Superflow 902 Dynomometer[/note]
We offer a full Mapping and Dyno testing service using our Superflow 902.

We have a good range of adaptor kits to mount the most common engines used in Motorsport including Ford-Citroen–Vauxhall-Mitsubishi-Renault-Mini etc.

The dyno is normally operated by a member of staff who can also Map or tune your engine. Additionally, we provide a trade service for engine builders wanting to tune themselves.

Prices for engine installation onto the dyno are from £500 +VAT which includes fitting the engine, running in and removal. Please note that there may be additional costs should any new or replacement components be required during this process.

Mapping and dyno operation is charged @ £65.50 + VAT per hour and we normally expect this to take around 10 hours for a Turbo Charged Engine and 8 hours for a N/A type.

Fuel and Oil can be supplied on site but it’s best to clarify exactly when booking in due to the many variations of race fuels and oils currently available.

If you are unsure what to use we will be happy to guide you as we regularly test samples of fuel to ensure we can offer the best to our customers.

We specialise in Pectel’s range of products but we are happy to tune many different types of ECUs including Gems-Motec-Emerald-MBE- etc .

We have a full range of basemaps which saves precious time for turbo and N/A Engines for Pectel. For other type please call.


With the 902 Dynomometer we can accurately measure, engine speed, torque, acceleration, fuel flows, air flows, liquid flows, air temperatures, exhaust gas temperatures, liquid temperatures, oil pressure, manifold pressure, barometric pressure, humidity, analogue voltages and more.

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